Hill Station Package 3

Package Details

Day 1

  1. Silver falls
  2. Muslim
  3. Pine forest
  4. Goat & Rabbit
  5. Belgium Forest

Day 2

  1. Guna Cave
  2. Green Valley View Point (Suicide Point)
  3. Golf Ground
  4. Rose Garden
  5. Upper valley
  6. Lower valley
  7. Some Purchase
  8. Drop @ Madurai

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Silver Falls:

A picturesque waterfall, Silver Falls is known for its cascading beauty and tranquil surroundings, offering a refreshing escape amidst nature’s splendor.

Silver Falls
Pine Forest

Pine Forest:

Explore the serene Pine Forest, characterized by tall pine trees, offering a peaceful ambiance for leisurely walks or nature trails.

Goat & Rabbit:

Likely a spot where visitors can interact with or observe goats and rabbits, providing an opportunity for animal lovers to engage with these friendly creatures.

Goat Rabbit
Belgium Forest Guna Cave

Guna Cave:

Guna Cave, set amidst the Belgium Forest, gained popularity after being featured in a film. It’s a rocky cave providing an interesting sightseeing spot.

Green Valley View Point (Suicide Point):

A panoramic viewpoint known for its stunning vistas and breathtaking scenery. Also known as Suicide Point, it offers awe-inspiring views of the valley below.

Green Valley View Point Suicide Point
Golf Ground

Golf Ground:

A golfing area or golf course, providing recreational opportunities for enthusiasts amidst scenic surroundings.

Rose Garden:

A garden filled with a diverse collection of roses and other flowers, offering a colorful and aromatic experience for visitors.

Rose Garden
Upper Valley

Upper Valley:

Likely a higher elevated area offering panoramic views of the valley below, providing a serene and picturesque sightseeing spot.

Lower Valley:

A lower-lying area providing a different perspective of the valley’s beauty, offering tranquil surroundings for relaxation and appreciation of nature.

Lower Valley
Some Purchase

Some Purchase:

A reference to shopping or making purchases at local markets, where visitors can buy souvenirs, handicrafts, or local products.